Meet Kim McConnell

Kim McConnell began her consulting career in 2002 when she established the KMM Group. Her expertise, experience and enthusiasm proved to be a winning combination for her clients.

Today, Kim is the Founder and President of the McConnell Leadership Group. Her strength is in helping employees at all levels become more engaged within their organizations, leading to higher productivity and success.

Prior to the McConnell Leadership Group, Kim created her own success and achievements in a variety of fields, including public education, finance, manufacturing and retail.

Since founding the McConnell Leadership Group, Kim has continued to work in a diverse group of organizations, including finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, media, retail and education. Her extensive background and years of experience add immeasurably to her approach as a consultant, facilitator and leadership developer. Add to that high energy, passion and business acumen and it’s no surprise that Kim delivers impactful results to every client in every interaction.

In addition, Kim has been a featured speaker on employee engagement and retention, leadership and employee development for several corporations and associations, including Merrill Lynch, the Association for Talent Development and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is also certified in several premier programs and personality/behavioral assessments, including: DiSC® Personality Profile, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Development Dimensions International, Situational Leadership® II, and Six Thinking Hats®.  

Kim’s active involvement extends into volunteering for the Association for Talent Development, where she has held leadership positions at both the national and local levels. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from St. Bonaventure University, with a concentration in Business.